Guitar Tuner 1.0 for Windows 10


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The easiest way to tune a guitar is to use a guitar tuner. The tuner is a device that analyzes the frequency of the sound produced by the instrument, and compares it with a reference frequency. Deviation from the pattern is presented to the user, which seeks to minimize its by turning the key in the appropriate stronę.Na market there are many tuners for tuning guitars. In addition to standard hardware tuners are their counterparts in the form of computer programs. To tune your guitar do the following: * Download and unzip the program * Connect the cable to the line-in sound card or connect a microphone and put it in a box * Run sound mixer in Start / Accessories and select the recording source (line-in or microphone). Set the recording volume to maximum. * Run the receiver and start tuning by selecting "Start tuning" from the tuner * Select the string to tune using the menu or by using the Mouse Wheel * Hit the previously selected string and watch the movements of the tips on the tuner. By turning the key, try to actuate a clue to an upright position. Tip upright is the perfect tune. * Choose the next string and repeat the previous step